broom broom
You were a moment in life that comes and goes. A riddle, a rhyme that no one knows. A change of a heart, a twist of fate. Couldn't fix it, it's too late. |


that random moment when you suddenly remember someone who is no longer in your life and it feels like a knife through the chest


My Drunk Kitchen: Dick-taters (ft. Tyler Oakley)

how to stop feeling sad i guess


  1. put in headphones
  2. put a playlist on shuffle
  3. lay face down in bed
  4. sing loudly into mattress
  5. sing as many random songs as it takes for you to laugh at yourself for singing to your mattress.

repeat steps 1-5 whenever you get bad.

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Sex — The 1975


If you don’t love yourself or feel comfortable in your body, go outside. Exercise to music you love. Eat more natural foods. Smile in the sun, gaze at the moon. Drink more water. Wear clothes that make you feel like a hottie. Watch comedies with people you love. Cleanse your chakras. Hold crystals. A confident mind starts with a happy body.


The Holy Trinity + text posts


Abandoned Boy Scout Camp | Wood & Faulk


are people still homophobic? its 2014 not 1962